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About Rose

I am a decorative artist  with a life long passion for crafts. I  have been teaching and making things all my life. 

The things that I treasure most and are embedded in my memory, have all been handmade. Some objects were made by family members, some by people I have never met but whose mastery and skill I admire.   

Having always been keen to learn new crafts and benefiting from expert tuition and courses has inspired me to start my own business, teaching and encouraging others to develop their own creative skills, alongside continuing to make my own handmade crafts. So this was how 'Made with Rose' started and my strap line 'Creativity in Bloom' underscores just about everything I do.

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I am also passionate about recycling. Our culture has become increasingly disposable with many objects transient in our modern throwaway world. I am concerned with how this is affecting our planet. This is why I renew objects whenever I can, giving them a fresh lease of life.

I created my 'Cascading Cups', with this in mind. I decorate vintage bone china with hand painted silk flowers to create beautiful Object d’Art or table center pieces. 


I also create contemporary Black Silk Silhouette Pictures inspired by the things around me.

Check them out in my shop over the next few weeks.

 I hope that you enjoy browsing through my website. Whether   you are  looking for a gift that is timeless, or finding yourself a   treat, then invest in something handcrafted or give a gift of   creative learning at one of my craft workshops. Know the story   and trust the quality, know that I have taken care and hours of   patient work to get that object to you. Know that you are   encouraging creativity to bloom.

 Thank You


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